During the past years, Frontline Logistics, has successfully implemented a number of military logistics projects, from our own offices in Kuwait, Iraq, Dubai and Jebel Ali, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain to support the different armed forces and bases across the region and in countries distant from the region. Our projects include supply of materials and services for military camps in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Djibouti etc.

We have worked for UN Missions, US army and their prominent vendors. We have a notable presence in all the US army camps in Iraq until their return.

Currently we continue our missions to support military bases/ camps in Afghanistan, Djibouti, Qatar, Kuwait and other US bases in the GCC region.

We are specialized in the supply of prefabricated living units, leasing of vehicles and heavy equipment and end user freight forwarding/ transportation services for the military. In military logistics where time is a sensitive factor, we take utmost care to ensure timely delivery for the intact accomplishment of our projects.

Our team is well versed to execute any military projects having stringent time frames- the past has testified it beyond doubt.

FLL team is also well versed with all approval process in respective locations, like MOD, AK 302, DIP Note and Levy exemption approval etc.

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